• Description: We work towards a world in which everyone enjoys the right to freedom of expression
  • Country: United-kingdom
  • Number of employees: 40
  • Legal status: NGO
  • FTE's: 30
  • EDRi member: Yes
  • Activities
    • Access to information, Business and human rights, Censorship, Digital Rights, Equality and hate speech, Freedom of religion or believe, Gender and sexuality, Media freedom, National security and counter terrorism, Participation and association, Privacy and surveillance, Protest, Safety of journalists and human rights defenders, Sustainable development


Name Nickname Email PGP ID Expertise Contract hours per week available Usual hours per week available
Fatou Jagne @fatoujagnes Human rights, Law, , 0 0

Fatou Jagne

  • Nickname: @fatoujagnes
  • Email:
  • PGP ID:
  • Expertise: Human rights, Law, ,
  • Contract hours per week available: 0
  • Usual hours per week available: 0